Made In Iran (2019-2021)

Made in Iran is the spin-off from Looking Glass project which is the outcome of several interviews with 12 Iranian individuals, living in the United States, whose lives are affected by the travel ban. Throughout this conversation they portrayed how, as the result of recent feuds between the two countries, their identities are often assumed by others to only comprise their nationality. In this project I tried to portray their complexity, depth and presence by interviewing them and asking them to share in a series of words and images that more accurately reflects their identity.

Using FaceOSC, a facial recognition software, the facial expressions of the participants during the interview were extracted and through Processing, a coding software, their expressions were recorded as sets of digital variables. A series of 3D models were created then by mapping the extracted data to a set of spatial variables in a 3D modeling software called Blender. Each 3D model represents the facial expression of each participant during the interview. The models were printed and presented in the space accompanied by the participant's facial expressions during the interview.


Describing Language: Thinking Through Access and Communication