The Suicidal Sisyphus (2017)

In the flows of current globalized climate, in which cultural signs are floating aimlessly without being anchored by any history or reality, investigating one’s identity by returning to its cultural roots seems no longer possible. All that is left is the assignment of our own identity in relation to the leftovers of culture and our lived experience. Considering this condition, the determination of the self has obsessively become the center piece in my recent works. Here I am hoping to explore my identity through an absurd cycle of encountering cultural objects and signs that are both irreplaceable and provisional. They are supposed to exhaust the eternal recurrence of the self, and the identity that is staggering between the presence and absence.

The text that is written on the foot reads as follows:
This is an absurd cycle, without forcing itself into particular patterns of morality or nature. It is so far from my intention to portray any equivalence or resemblance. Whatever you see meant to be considered only as a starting-point. There is something provisional in my commentary that is irreplaceable. No one can judge the position it entails, as here one would find merely the description of an intellectual malady. No natural, moral or metaphysical law is involved. Here I am exhausting the limits of the possible.

The texts written on the leaves are a selection of the readings that inspired me to work on this project.

(Photo documentation: Tom Lundberg, Bahador Yeganeh)